Walter Poole is a disabled war veteran who earned an MFA while recovering from injuries which left him in a wheelchair for several years.  He works in a unique medium:  silver electroless with translucent polymer coatings on textured surfaces.  The result is an iridescent, highly reflective environment that is constantly changing with manipulated light, thus interacting with the viewer.  After witnessing the brutality of war, Walter needed change. He left California to live in the solitude of rural Alabama. Now his only desire is to celebrate life with elegance and beauty.  He spent a short time teaching while exhibiting in national venues.  His works have received awards and been featured in publications.  Walter has paintings in the permanent collection of the State of Alabama on display in the Capitol Building.ype your paragraph here.

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Walter Poole Abstract Expressionism

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"It is all about beauty and esthetics nothing more, treat every work as if it is your last"ype your paragraph here.