Walter Poole Abstract Expressionism

The goal is to create positive sublime works that celebrate the good in humanity and contradict the hatred that is so prevalent today. This explains the use of silver.Type your paragraph here.

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​Upon graduation from high school Walter found himself in the U.S. Army in a war at age 18. The horrific events witnessed gave Walter an awareness of Man's capability of brutality that is uncommon among artists or one could say a perception of world reality most artists cannot comprehend. A catastrophic event occurred leaving him in a wheelchair for several years. While recovering from his injuries he pursued his love for art at Auburn University in Montgomery. making the Deans List. Huntingdon College graciously offered him a scholarship to transfer. He was accepted into the the graduate program at Auburn University and given a GTA.  After leaving Auburn he gave private lessons to advanced students and spent a short time teaching at the University of West Alabama while at the same time exhibiting in solo and national venues. For personal reasons he left painting for several years traveling across the country returning to the studio in March 2014. Realism was abandoned for contemporary non-representational abstraction using shapes, textures and manipulating light to interact with the viewer. He works in a unique medium silver nitrate deposit (real silver). His work has been shown in local and national juried venues across the US. In just two years his achievements are quite remarkable. He was given the Benefactors Award at the Northern National. His greatest challenge is being a progressive contemporary artist in rural Alabama.  He chooses this life of a recluse.Tpe your paragraph here.

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